Subaru 15+ Sti Front Mount Intercooler

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Welcome to the Front Mount Intercooler for the Subaru VA lineup! Upgrade your power and looks with no special cutting or fitting required. The FMIC is rated for 1,000WHP and utilizes a CSF Radiator's bar and plate 3.5" core. The end tanks feature a 2.5" inlet/outlet and are precision bent and tig welded in Aluminum.

So why go to an FMIC on your Subaru? 
It’s as simple as removing a large insulator from the top of your engine! The OEM TMIC is only good for OEM power levels. Much above that and they heat soak. What happens when you have a heat soaked TMIC sitting directly above your intake manifold, turbo and throttle body? You guessed it! It traps all of the heat in to those items as well! Move the thing that has the biggest impact on cooling your charged air to the front scoop of the bumper instead! With more than twice the cooling efficiency and surface area of the TMIC unit and an open engine compartment; it’s like taking the top off your convertible on a summer day! 

Other features/info:

Designed to work perfectly with RK Ti piping

- Minor modifications are required to fit 

- Removal of your OEM front crash beam is required. 

- Finish is raw aluminum. 

- Front painted logo is optional 

- Lead time is 2-3 weeks

- Color options coming soon!


Installation page can be found here:

Disclaimer - These parts were built and have confirmed fitment on 2015-2017 Sti but fitment should work on 18+ as well. While cutting of the 15-17 bumper wasn’t necessary with our shop car install, results could vary from car to car.

If you have any questions about fitment, please email us at

We highly recommend a professional tune for all performance modifications. We do not support Cobb OTS maps with the Accessport and recommend that you contact a tuner for maximum efficiency and gain with these parts.