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Titanium Coloring options

There are many options on how to color and customized your RK Titanium products. We have simplified this process to help you get the ball rolling.

Everyone wants to make their build unique and add their style and personality to it. Do we need those custom carbon fiber or Titanium parts? 

For some builds yes! Reduced weight and strength are essential. For others we simply just want to customize to the next level.

Being at the forefront of customized Bespoke Titanium products, we realize that not every build is the same. Not every owner wants the same parts in the same way on their cars. 

We have simplified this process for you in the many ways we can to create the look you want.

As always, all of our custom coloring options are free of charge and part of the RK Titanium service. 

Coloring Variants:

Variant 1

Raw titanium straight off the welding torch


Variant 2 

Polished titanium piping

Variant 3

Anodized bends/pies with polished straight sections

Variant 4

Anodized straight sections with polished bends/pies

Variant 5

Zebra striping

Variant 6 - Premium Finish $

Zebra V2 - must be a welded product for this finish.

 Variant 7

Unpolished Colored - Disclaimer: Since this is not polished, there will be surface scratches on the material, and results will vary. We also cannot guarantee 100% accurate coloring, but you are welcome to choose a main color or two that we can focus on.

Variant 8

Sunburst - Gold Zebra with Color Burst on Straight - must be a welded product.

Variant 9 - Premium Finish $

Midnight - Dark Zebra with Dark Overlay - must be a welded product for this finish.

Variant 10 - Premium Finish $

Frostbite - Solid light blue with midnight style welds

Variant 11 

“Pick of the house”

 Not sure…. We’ll choose for you!


Color options:



Deep Blue

Light Blue

Light green


**Light blue, Green and pink are more translucent and don’t carry as much vivid of a color


So how do I order these options?

In the comments at checkout, simply comment

“variant 4 Deep blue”

It’s as simple as that.


Have a custom look you want? As always, send us an email and discuss it with us.

We enjoy hearing new ideas for products and colors.