Lead Times, Return Policy, Order Cancellation and Warranty


Lead Times:

All RK parts are made to order with estimated lead times.

These are estimates and not to set your calendar by.  We do our best to build these items as quickly as possible and to our standards.  Often times, delays in production can be caused from outside vendors who supply our clamps, packing materials or raw materials to build our products.  We appreciate you refraining from order update requests prior to your estimated build date. 

Lead Time overview:

Small accessories 1-2 weeks

Radiator pipe and small welded items 2-5 weeks

Intercooler pipe kits 6-9 weeks

Intake kits 6-9 weeks

Single exit exhaust systems 10-16 weeks

Dual exit exhaust systems 12-18 weeks

Valved exhaust systems 16-24 weeks

Please note: Shop closures do not factor into lead times.  Lead times are based on working business days.



All RK Titanium welded products carry a lifetime non-transferrable warranty against breakage from normal use. The warranty is good to the original purchaser. Full documented install pictures must be provided at time of warranty request. The item must be shipped back to RK Titanium for further inspection as to the cause of failure. If the cause is to be determined as improper use or improper installation, the repairs can be made at an adjusted cost to the original purchaser.


Return Policy:

We understand that you may have a  change of mind or a change of style. Due to the nature of all of our parts, returns are a case-by-case only. Not all parts will qualify for a return. Each piece is custom made to your specification and for that reason, we may not accept a return. If parts have been installed and used, return of such items will not be accepted.

ALL RK Titanium exhaust systems are non returnable. There are zero exceptions.

If the items have been custom colored, a 40% refinishing fee will be applied due to the items needing to be resurfaced prior to reselling if the return is accepted.

All returns are to be shipped back to RK Titanium at the purchaser's expense and are to be inspected once received. All returns must be received in new and original condition. Surface scratches or blemishes in the finish may impose an additional fee for repair and correction or denied return if they are deemed unable to refurbish to new condition.

 Any order passed 20 days from the day it was delivered, will not be granted a return.

Any parts shipped back to us without a RGA (returned goods authorization) number will be considered a donation to us. 

Order Cancellations:

Once an order has been placed it goes in our queue. Based on the part type, different materials, flanges and or fittings may need to be designated and or ordered. Order cancellations for all orders will not be accepted after five (5) business days from the day it was ordered.

All exhaust systems cannot be cancelled after five (5) business days into the lead time. No exceptions. Every system is hand made and built to order. Please be aware and respectful of the process and lead times prior to ordering.
Lead times are estimated only and not to set your watch by. It is suggested to reach out as those estimated weeks come up to get a better idea of ship dates. Holidays and vacations do not play into these times which is why they are estimates and could be longer. We do our best to track orders periodically from placement to ship to get a rough idea of average lead times and update accordingly.

Why is this important?

Every single part is handmade. A large amount of time and resources goes into the preparation and designation of each part before it is even welded. Once the preparation has begun with an order, we often cannot use those materials for other orders. This leads to waste of time and materials.

Generally most larger orders are cut and prepped up to 2-3 weeks prior to being welded, but material orders and general preparation happens much sooner. Smaller orders are usually cut and prepped within a few days of being placed.

Please reach out to us via EMAIL ONLY regarding lead times and order cancellations. Please be sure you’re ok and understand lead times prior to placing your order.


Fitment and Corrections:

We quality check all parts for proper fitment to ensure customer satisfaction upon arrival. Every part and design is one of RK Titanium's own. Please acknowledge that these parts are custom made and designed to perform, in some cases, better than OEM. This delegates that not all parts will follow OEM routing or channels. As with any aftermarket part or accessory, we can't promise that every part will fit perfectly with different aftermarket parts combinations. We do our best to ensure they will fit the majority of applications possible. If you have a fitment concern with any of our products, please contact us as soon as you're able and we will work with you to get the piece adjusted as necessary. 

Any parts determined by RK Titanium as out of spec and requiring adjustment must be shipped back to RK Titanium to do so.