Care and Maintenance

Proper Care and Maintenance for your Titanium Parts

What is the care and maintenance of these parts?

Are you saying I can't just install it and it will stay this way forever?

While Titanium is a very strong and flexible material that can be colored, like all metals it can be scratched and abraded.

We do not recommend using metal polish of any type to a colored piece of Titanium. The metal polish can remove or lighten the intensity of the oxide layer on the piece. We recommend handling each piece with rubber gloves as oils and dirt from your fingers will leave prints on the pieces.  If you do need to clean or remove such marks or do general cleaning to the part, we recommend using a soft soap and water solution with microfiber towel or use acetone on a microfiber towel.  

RK Titanium does not warranty or guarantee any color fast or color hold out to the finish of the materials.