RK Ram Air Intake System

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RK Titanium Ram Air Intake System 


Say hello to the RK Titanium ram air intake system for the GR Corolla!

Made out of CP grade 3” (oem equivalent maf) or 3.5” (oem plus maf, will require a tune) titanium tubing; these systems will flow much more then oem as well as many competitors on the market.

A one piece pipe that connects on the second junction on the oem inlet providing more replacement distance and a larger diameter inlet then anyone on the market.

We designed our heat shielding and air duct lower and larger to encompass more fresh air into the pocket from the front bumper.  Our large diameter oem element cone air filter is fed fresh air from the oem snorkel inside the bumper.  We use a 2.5” titanium tube compressed on one end to match the oem bumper snorkel.  This effectively directs all of the air from the bumper duct directly to our air filter placement out flowing others on the market.  The directed angle off of our duct ensures equal amounts of air blanket the filter for cool suction.

Why didn’t we use box design?

At lower speeds or any situation where limited airflow is passing through the front bumper or more specifically the exact spot that the snorkel is located, an intake box would be suffocated with enough airflow thus starving the larger diameter system.  The design of our heat shielding and open style box effectively blocks out radiating heat from the engine and trans side of the engine bay.  This allows for both an amplified intake sound as well as not choking up the intake system under low speeds.

Will water leak in from the circuit hood duct onto the filter?

No.  We water tested by spraying a hose around the duct on the hood to find no direct water contact with the filter below.  The design of the shielding allows any collection of water to drain out the bottom through purposed seams while the filter itself will stay dry.

Will I get a check engine light?

As of 2-2-24, we are still testing possible cel fixes to this common issue amongst every intake on the market. While you can drive the car with the light on, there is no evidence of performance or drivability restraints.  We strongly recommend a custom tune on your car to help fully maximize any and all aftermarket parts combos.  
The 3.5” system will however, require a tune as the maf opening is much bigger then oem. Bigger piping, more air. A proper tune and calibration will be required for this oem + system but will be highly worth it if you’re going thag route anyways.

How does it sound?

Loud and unique as only titanium resonance can offer.  It is very prominent inside the car and will sure to lower your mpg as you will have a hard time NOT hitting spool and boost!

Kit features:

-3” with the option of 3.5” 1 piece intake tube tig welded and back purged

-Full titanium heat shield/open box laser etched with RK logo

-2.5” inlet tube for oem bumper snorkel

-Open element K&N cone fiter

-All accessories, couplers and hardware for a plug and play installation

-100% hand made in our shop in the USA 


All systems are made to order with varying lead times.  Systems could take 4-8 weeks based on current order volume at time of ordering.