GRC Track Edition Dual-Tip Center Exit Exhaust

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RK Titanium Track Edition GR Corolla Dual-Tip Center Exit


We present to you the Track Edition single exit exhaust system for the GRC!

100% hand made in our shop in the USA 🇺🇸 using CP grade titanium. Each unit is tig welded and back purged.
This system is a straight through true 3” connecting at the factory midpipe and terminating out an RK twin 3.5” center exit tips.

We’ve spent countless hours designing, driving, testing, re designing, driving, testing, listening, weighing and lastly welding this system to get it just, right.

We think you will agree.

Where did we end up?

Lightest possible weights at just over 6 pounds complete with all hardware.

Optimized sound bringing a clean, deep, pure natural vibrant tone out of your GRC with the straight piped growl!

What about your tuned Helmholtz resonator option on the Track Edition?

The Track Edition is a straight piped system.  The addition of any type of resonator designed to reduce drone has proven ineffective and counterproductive to the benefits of an ultra light weight syste.

Want a rear diffuser on your GRC for added benefits of aero and downforce?

We teamed up with Verus Engineering and designed our systems to easily clear their offerings. (Picture gallery for reference)

But that’s not all!

Every RK system is a modular system by design!

Want that extra growl but don’t want to buy a whole new exhaust? Want to change it up for your track day this next weekend?

Every RK rear section will swap in with your RK front pipes. Simply swap out your Signature muffler or Track rear section. Swap in a driver exit muffler or Track setup and completely change the look and feel of your car!

An option only RK does! 

Are we your one-exhaust-fits-all? 

We listen to the request and we build the parts! 

RK Signature GRC Highlights

  • CP grade construction
  • Hand made tig welded and back purged
  • 100% made in house in the USA 🇺🇸 
  • Industry lightest offerings at just over 6lbs
  •  Modular design with all RK systems 
  • True 3” construction 
  • RK Dual 3.5” center tip section laser engraved and hand built


*Bumper block off plates are not included

*All systems are made to order. Systems are almost never in stock. Lead times can vary based on current order volume. Lead times on most exhaust systems are 10 weeks or more

*All whp and wtq numbers are not guaranteed. Results were achieved on the same dyno in 2wd dyno mode. Runs were done with the Signature drivers exit which is a similar design to the center exit.

*Install tip:
The differential pipe orientation: Immediate reaction is to suck it up high for clearance when in fact it was designed to sit lower to give ample room from that diff sensor. Higher is not better as it changes the last angle in the pipe designed to kick the tips up to the bumper

Rear hanger: can be slid up or down the muffler to help draw it up or down. Don’t install it backwards, it’s been done and the hanger sits almost off the muffler.

The front piOS: there is actually a lot of wiggle with the oem doughnut gasket so the pipe can be installed facing up or down vs straight. I suggest tightening this full at the end when the system is oriented as you want it.

Start from the tips and back and adjust moving forward. Give it a good wiggle after to ensure movement and clearance.