GR Supra 2.0 Signature Single Exit Exhaust

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**Due to the popularity of these hand made systems, our lead times are longer then normal. Current lead times could be longer then 10 weeks**


Say hello to the RK Titanium Signature single exit exhaust for the 2.0 a90/91 Toyota Supra!

Hand made in the USA, tig welded and fully back purged with our signature tip and finish!

This exhaust not only looks great, it weighs even less! Utilizing our signature mirror polished and laser engraved spec muffler, the entire system weighs in UNDER 12lbs!!

And what better way to finish off this car then a nice JDM angle to the 4” tip!

Why can’t there be a 4.5” or 5” tip?

Simple... it doesn’t fit without melting your bumper with the angle! Take a look at our dual system with valves (coming soon) if you’re after a 4.5” tip design!


Additional Info:

- CP grade titanium construction

- RK Signature tip design

- RK Spec mirror polished muffler design

- Total weight under 12lbs

- Works only with OEM or OEM size downpipe

- JDM angle on exit from bumper 

- Works only on the 2.0 Supra

- No bumper trimming required for proper fit

- Fits majority of aftermarket diffusers and under trays without modification

- Made 100% in USA 🇺🇸 

- There will be no special request coloring options for these systems. Each system may be colored slightly different from one to the next. 

  Please note: very minimal trimming to the fender liner under the car may be necessary for the Signature drivers exit only. No trimming or modification is necessary to the bumper for any of the variations.