Evo X Titanium Firewall Heat Shield

Regular price $449.00

Introducing the Titanium Firewall Heat Shield to the Evo X lineup! Made from premium CP grade 1.5mm thick Titanium, this heat shield is 5x the size of the OEM piece. The characteristics of Titanium allow it to heat up and cool quicker and more efficiently than aluminum. This is a must for aftermarket turbos and manifolds where an increase of heat is  imminent. If you've ever seen a melted harness or a fire started on your firewall, this is the extra bit of insurance you need to help reduce that risk.


Tig welded and back purged seam

CP Grade 1.5mm thick Titanium

Brushed finish or anodized Titanium

Installation can be done with turbo and manifold on the car

Utilizes factory fitment locations

Other info:

This heat shield is not guaranteed to prevent engine bay overheating or fires due to excessive heat.

Installation can be done without removing the turbo or manifold however, some turbo kits with larger frame turbos or large runner manifolds may require removal to fit.

All heat shields are made to order, lead times may vary.

*Final product finish may vary. We do not color the entire heat shield due to the he natural coloring process from the turbo manifolds proximity

**Warning: Addiction to titanium products is probable**