Evo 8/9 Titanium Power Steering Heat Shield

Regular price $80.00

Welcome the Titanium Power Steering Heat Shield to the Evo 8/9 lineup! Replace your OEM useless Power Steering heat shield with this oversized Titanium version. With the increased size of tubular manifolds on the market, the distance from the manifold to the pump is drastically reduced.

In recent testing on a warm vehicle at idle, the #1 runner is as hot as 440 degrees! With our heat shield in place, the pump remains below 100 degrees. This will not only increase the life of your PS pump, but also help style up your bay with a touch of Titanium to help hide that eye sore in the corner! 

Designed to fit even the most aggressively routed manifolds. 

**Warning: Addiction to titanium products is probable**

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