BMW F90 Titanium Strut Bar Kit

Regular price $599.00

Available now in our F90 lineup is the Titanium Strut Bar Kit!

Made with the highest quality CP Grade titanium, not only is this sure to make a statement in your engine bay, but it is guaranteed to stiffen your chassis as well. These are significantly heavier duty then the oem braces offering a much firmer chassis brace.

Upgrading the OEM components is a must, and provides aesthetic coloring an added bonus in the process!

Our titanium Strut Bar Kit replaces both strut bars that cross over the intakes on either side of the engine covers and will fit 2018 - Current M5/M6.

These are commonly removed when installing some aftermarket intake kits. Our strut bars are designing specifically to clear our front mounted intakes and compliment the styling.


***We have not verified the fitment with oem or any aftermarket intakes other then our own ***


Other Info

All braces are built to order with associated lead times. Please email us for estimated lead times.

All braces are standard colored or offered in polished finish only. These do not follow our various offered finishes.