BMW F8X Headlight Covers

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Introducing the Titanium Headlight Covers to the F8X lineup! Cover up the empty space above your headlights with our Titanium plates. Made from high quality CP1 Titanium sheet; these pieces are polished and colored to accent any engine bay. With our full array of coloring capabilities, we can add a wide range of custom lasered logos or IG names on your plates! The covers are a simple install and make a huge visual difference in your bay.

All standard plates will come as shown with a smooth gradient color and RK Titanium logo in the corner.

Upgraded covers will have a custom logo of your choice (email approval required) added to it with an RK Titanium logo badge in the corner.

Please email for custom logo ideas after checkout. 

Other Note:

The cover comes polished and colored. Due to the nature of the grain in the raw material, plates may have some surface scratches remaining after the polishing process. A full mirror polish of these materials is not guaranteed**

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