A90 Supra Titanium Chargepipe

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Say hello to the RK Titanium Chargepipe for the a90 Supra!

Replace your oem plastic pipe with a hand crafted titanium version finished in one of our many custom options!

This 2 piece front chargepipe was carefully designed with feedback in mind! Utilizing 2.5” outlet off the turbo which quickly steps up to 3” to allow the best clearance and fitment in the engine bay.  100% built in house. Tig welded by hand and back purged then checked for leaks and weld quality with a leak down test.

All flanges were cad designed and 3d printed in house to provide the best seal and fitment available prior to final cnc creation.

We have added accommodations to the design for those running port injection plate spacers to still allow for the pipes to mate up.

Running meth injection?

No problem! Select from the options to add 1/8npt bungs for meth injection to your pipe!

**Your oem gaskets and C clip will be reused for installation

 **Due to the limited on hand quantities of custom flanges, lead times may vary. If this product is ‘out of stock’ it’s due to production wait time for flanges needed to build the items. On hand sets will reflect in available to order.

Build times can be 4-6 weeks

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