Shipping and Handling

So how does shipping work?

All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS.

Shipping rates are auto calculated at checkout based on the required box sizes needed for the items you ordered. If the shipping rate seems higher then you’d expect, please email us to confirm the rate. Remember, rates usually include the cost of the materials required to box and pack your new parts up.

Once an order has been shipped or marked for shipping, you will receive an email with tracking information. This doesn’t necessarily mean your order has physically shipped yet. Your order may be complete and is being packaged and awaiting pickup from the appropriate carrier.


We realize with lead times, it could be several weeks before the item ships after you order it. It is your responsibility to notify us of a change of address so we can update and get your item to you safe and sound. It would be unrealistic for us to email every order before we ship it to confirm an address.


Please inspect your items upon receiving for shipping damages if any. While it has been very rare to have physical damages on items (boxes may show abuse), it could still happen and we’d like to get it remedied as fast as possible. If there is damage, please take pictures and hold onto the original box in it’s arrived condition until a claim of necessary has been completed.