Evo 8/9 Exhaust Installation

Installation Tips and Tricks for the Evo 8/9 Signature and Track series exhaust systems

You may also install a single hole solid or stiffer hanger to securely hold the exhaust if you prefer. 


Suggested tightening sequence for adjustment


We have found it to be easiest to hang and tighten the exhaust in this method-

-Hang the midpipe to your catalytic converter with the 2 supplied bolts and gasket.

-Remove the subframe rubber hanger from the car and slide it onto the hanger rod before placing it on the car. WD40 helps with the snug fit of the rod.

-Place the rear section up and slide the slip fit onto the midpipe. Thread in and tighten the 12mm head bolt into the subframe using the hole and position shown in the previous picture.

-Install the muffler hanger over the end of the muffler with the tip of the hanger facing the rear of the vehicle. Be sure the hanger has the rubber insert on it so you do not scratch your finished muffler. Leave the strap a little loose for adjustments.

-Rotate the exhaust up from its hanging position and insert the hanger into the rear most grommet on the vehicle. WD40 is your friend.

-Position the tip and muffler as you would prefer it out the bumper exit. While holding this position, tighten the 13mm bolt on the hanger strap until snug. **DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN it should be snug and not wiggle inside the strap.

-Apply desired fitment pressure to the midpipe allowing clearance from drivetrain while tightening the midpipe clamp. **DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN this clamp, you can warp or deform the piping. Tighten until snug and the exhaust feels firm. 

** Please ensure all bolts and connections are snug. Wiggle the system to check for clearance and tightened. A little wiggle is fine and by design. This acts as a flex in the system which you will want.

Make any necessary adjustments for your desired clearance snd fitment as needed!

ENJOY your new RK Titanium Signature Exhaust!