15+ Sti FMIC and FMIC Piping Installation

Please review install notes for 2015-2020 Subaru STi RK Titanium inter cooler piping kit.

This is not a step by step procedure but rather install notes and best practices. If you do not have experience with install work, please have a shop conduct this procedure.

Total time: 2.5-3 hours

Difficulty: 5/10

Basic hand tools needed


Removal of front bumper is necessary. There are several YouTube videos on this procedure.

1: Remove rubber hood shroud by pulling away from the grommets

2: Remove front core support bracket drivers side; there are 4x bolts to remove.

3: Relocate horn on passenger side

4: Add spacers to windshield washer reservoir. There are 3x 10mm bolts to remove to pull the reservoir away. The reservoir does not need to be fully removed. Add a 1/2” spacer between the lower 2 mounting brackets and the reservoir with included longer bolts. The upper bracket does not need a spacer.


5: Use the remaining 1/2” spacer and bolt for the passenger side new Intercooler pipe to secure the affixed bracket to the top of the frame rail.

6: Secure all T bolt clamps. Be sure not to over tighten the clamps as it could cause warping or deforming of the titanium tubing

7: Reinstall bumper to car. Please note, trimming may be required behind fog light bezel. On our 16’ shop vehicle, no trimming was necessary.


Coupler Locations:

- Long 45 deg connect FMIC passenger lower

- Straight 2.5” connects drivers side FMIC lower

- Straight transition 2.5”-2.75” connects drivers wider upper to throttle body

- 90 deg transition 1.75”-2.5 connects turbo to passenger side upper

- 2.5” 90 deg connects passenger upper to passenger lower

- Short 45 deg connects drivers upper to drivers lower

Check clearances!

Check for boost leaks!

Please consult a Pro Tuner to setup your new parts properly. RK Titanium LLC doesn’t hold any liability for the use and performance characteristics of these parts. Do not use a Cobb OTS tune with any RK Titanium LLC part. 

All Finished!!