Evo X Dual Catch Can and Coolant Expansion Tank

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Introducing the Dual Catch Can and Coolant Expansion Tank for the Evo X! Made of CP Grade Titanium and featuring our CNC solid Billet Titanium cap; these not only function well but look great too! This setup has a fully baffled and vented catch can on one side and coolant expansion on the other!

This setup utilizes AN fittings and braided hose to act as a reservoir to collect and disperse excess gasses and pressure vented from the head and valve cover. 
There are 2 lines off of the valve cover; one is directed to the intake pipe which uses the suction from the intake and turbo to draw out excess pressure and blow-by from the right side of the valve cover. The other fitting is on the front and is connected via the PCV to the intake manifold. This line uses vacuum from the engine to draw out excess blow-by. 

The setup and function of this product is to redirect those 2 lines to the can to capture any blow by. Gases that are sent through the lines will condense inside the can by means of stainless mesh baffling. The excess gas will vent off the top through a filter into the engine bay while the condensed liquid will settle to the bottom of the can where it can be drained at varying cycles.

*The catch can comes with all black AN Fittings and braided lines 

*AN press in valve cover fittings are available as an add-on option

The coolant expansion tank/reservoir side of this product works just as that. Excess coolant pressure and blow off from the radiator will enter this can through a fitting on the bottom. As the pressure build up inside the radiator expands and contracts, the tank acts as a secondary hold for the movement to and from the radiator. This side features our CNC Billet solid Titanium cap.

Other info:

-It is common to drain and or check the fill level of your can at each oil change 
-Valve cover specific fittings are an option with this kit 
-Replaces the factory coolant expansion tank in the bay 
-Lead time is 4-6 weeks

**Warning: Addiction to titanium products is probable**