BMW F8X Titanium Exhaust Tips

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Introducing a new product to the BMW F8X Lineup - 89MM Titanium Exhaust Tips! Using a slip fit design with a T-Bolt clamp, each tip is designed with stress relief slits that allow for expanding or shrinking down once clamped onto your existing exhaust. Each tip length is approximately 4" which allows for ample adjustment in positioning how far the tips stick out (Staggered, tucked, straight, etc). Choose your color scheme, choose your tip size, and install to your preference!

Important information:

- Your current exhaust tips must be measured to ensure accurate fitment

- The inner diameter of our tips should match the outer diameter of your tips

- Tips have 2.75" or 3" inner diameter and 3.5" outer diameter

- Choose color gradient and appropriate tip size before checking out

- T-Bolt clamps are included for installation

- Tips are adjustable and can be mounted as desired

- Comes as a set of 4

- Refer to our Titanium Care page for proper upkeep

(Pictured is Deep Blue Gradient with staggered fitment of 1.75" and 1.5")

All tips are built to order; lead times apply.