BMW G8X V2 Front Mount Intakes Installation Guide/Disclaimer

BMW G8X V2 Front Mount Intakes Installation Guide/Disclaimer:

Before purchasing our V2 Front Mount Intakes, please ensure you have fully reviewed this document and guide. This installation is not recommended for the DIY owner with little experience.

Disclaimer: A refund will not be available once an installation has been attempted or completed. The pipes will be difficult to fit as it is extremely tight due to the 3.5" piping, but they do fit properly. Piping is very likely to receive minor scratches on the underside when installing, but will not be seen once install is complete. Pipes cannot be refinished/returned once scratches have occurred. 

To install the front mount intakes, the headlights will need to be loosened. In addition, the front bumper and the rad panels will need to be removed. Minor trimming will be required as well. Installation is estimated to take X hours when done by a professional.